The focus of this 14-week program will be for artists from multi-art forms to expand and build their art practices, working with leading professional artists.  The aim is for participants to build their portfolio of work, increase their skills and gain a deeper understanding of art practice to increase future education and employment opportunities.  You will be introduced to art educators at The Art Gallery of NSW to respond to selected works and your work may form part of a curated installation within a professional public space. 

Expected program outcomes

Projects can contribute to one or more of the following outcomes:
  • Development of new skills and creative capabilities
  • Strengthened connections to artistic networks, supports and programs for people with disability
  • Provide pathways for participants to be involved in community performances and exhibitions
  • Provide sustainable employment and educational opportunities for people with disability

Art Forms include

A selection of the following art forms may be covered in this Program. Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, Writing, Hybrid/Interdisciplinary Arts, Screen Arts, Multi-Media and Community Arts.

Program timeframe

All programs run for 14 weeks and will commence in August 2019.

Who can apply?

 All our programs are disability-led and are focused on specifically supporting people with disability access arts and cultural education programs.
We encourage anyone to apply for this intermediate program from 18 years or older.